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Brenda Gallow

“Inspiring YOU from the Inside Out…”

  • The Golden Rose Journal of
    “I AM…”
    Daily Affirmations

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  • Angel On My Shoulder: Daily Health and Wellness Journal

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Learn How To Eat Healthy Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle

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Finding a Balance Can Be Hard…

As you are mindful of your femininity, health, spirituality, healing, self determination in finding peace as you become grounded in growing in your own purpose of completion.

Be inspired with the words you speak: I am responsible for MY own LIFE…

It’s not what you have , what you do nor how you go about it? It’s the FAITH you build up within yourself to accomplish the goals God has aligned for you .

Take time to balance everyday life. Begin with PRAYER, MEDITATION then take care of yourSELF. 

Get a planner. My Angel On My Shoulder Daily Healthy Living Planner and Journal is a good place to start. Plan meals for the week. Exercise while brushing your teeth, at lunch 10 minute walk or stretch. At home get everyone involved make it fun.

Everything you do begins and end with you. Take time breathe, focus and breathe again, life is a balancing act. They scales are always shifting.

My Story

Hello there
My name is Brenda Gallow and I’d like to thank you for coming to my platform and taking the time to find out more about me, my mission, and my work.
First, I’d like to tell you a little about myself and how I got to this place that I want to help you discover for your own life’s journey.

As I look back in reflection, I can honestly say that I’ve come a long way. There were some days that I look back on with tears in my eyes. Although now they may be tears of joy, back then there were times I recall not knowing how I was going to get through. I would find myself standing still wondering why all the
pain. What was the reason for what I was feeling?
Then one day I noticed the light at the end of the tunnel…

I discovered two things other than my spiritual faith that were the ‘why me’ answers. The first one was my beloved son Brandan. He put a perspective on things which ironically led to the work and offerings I share with my current readers and that I have a desire to perhaps share with you. When the parents go through a divorce, it can have an impact on children. In my story, my son became my rock as well as a source of my inspiration.

This brings us to my second answer to “Brenda why me…”. My purpose to share with and help others to grow and expand. I created what eventually became the Angel On My Shoulder journal at first as a way to reset myself and my life. I had to rethink all things from my nutrition and exercise choices, shake some habits of old, learn and relearn elements of my life.

It worked for me and became the foundation of my current and future outreach and mission. It’s in all my current and future journals , blogs, books, and courses. It all started with a ‘life trigger’ in my case, it was a divorce but it could be anything that shakes your foundation and makes you do a reset. My son Brandan said this about the journal at the age of 14 on November 29, 2010  “It’s a guideline to a better Life….”

He was more than correct. Now it’s your turn. By now you may be thinking about where you are and where you want to be. This is where I may be able to help you help you. The beauty of this incredible journey is the discoveries that come with the reset and the new you that emerges. I continue to grow and learn and enjoy the view and I know you will too if you join me on this journey of a lifetime! We have been led to believe that everything must always fit perfectly like the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. You have to say “I’m okay…” to get along in your life, your career, or whatever.

Guess what? Once you answer your very own why questions, tailored to your life quest, you are going to find out something that seems too often to be overlooked. It’s never too late to make the BIGGEST discovery of them all is that it’s Okay NOT to be Okay because that’s is where the adventure begins of having the life you were created and intended to have…